solved: no GRUB boot with NOVA

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Sun Dec 4 18:56:05 CET 2016

Hi Jerry,

On 04.12.2016 17:19, g4 at ...461... wrote:
> Solved. Now booting lighttpd on an N3150 board.


>> DD'ing the lighttpd .iso image to a USB drive is odd too. On both machines
> I get dumped into the grub shell. 
> For anyone else with the same problem:
> #L1105

The ISO image should also work. We use this method regularly and rarely
have any issues. Maybe something went wrong with dumping the ISO image
to the USB device? When using 'dd', one has to make sure that all blocks
are actually written to disk before unplugging the USB device because
the Linux kernel may keep blocks in the block cache, even after 'dd'
exits. It is usually the best to specify 'oflag=direct' to the 'dd' command.

> BTW A serial connection is IMO absolutely critical for real hardware work. 


You may use a PC-card with a comport, which should work out of the box
thanks to the "bender" chain-boot loader that we use by default.
Alternatively, Intel AMT's SOL (serial-over-line) is quite handy. The
latter is supported by Genode's run tool. You may find Section 5.4.
"System integration and automated testing" of the documentation [1]
helpful for using this approach, in particular the example given at page



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