(New to Genode) A couple of questions ...

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Fri Dec 2 18:16:09 CET 2016

Greetings, I'm experimenting with Genode/NOVA on x64 for some embedded work,
version 16.08 building on Ubuntu 16.04.

I'm trying to assemble a minimal (headless) platform with TCP/IP and USB
support. The idea is to run a single custom control application on the
platform. If anyone has a schema/scenario that is close to this pattern
they'd care to share I'd be very grateful. But by way of getting underway

I started with netperf_lxip as this does have the network stack and USB but
I get this:

$ ./tool/ports/prepare_port nova
$ ./tool/create_builddir nova_x86_64 BUILD_DIR=build.nova
$ make -C build.nova run/netperf_lxip

make: Entering directory '/home/jevans/src/genode/build.nova'
including /home/jevans/src/genode/tool/run/boot_dir/nova
including /home/jevans/src/genode/tool/run/power_on/qemu
including /home/jevans/src/genode/tool/run/log/qemu
including /home/jevans/src/genode/tool/run/image/iso
including /home/jevans/src/genode/repos/ports/run/netperf_lxip.run

Netperf running on Qemu is not recommended.

make: Leaving directory '/home/jevans/src/genode/build.nova'

and no build outputs whatsoever. Any thoughts on this?

Lighttpd _does_ build out of the box and appears to run OK under QEMU but if
I boot the image in VMWare I get 

Promisc is off
Bender: Hello World.
Need 0067b000 bytes to relocate modules.
Relocating to 07965000: 
Copying 6651920 bytes...
Copying 138968 bytes...

And the VM then locks before the 

'NOVA Microhypervisor v7-4d6f04d (x86_64): Dec  2 2016 17:01:35 [gcc 4.9.2]'
banner appears.

Once again any thoughts on how to proceed here much appreciated.

Genode and friends are a pretty marvellous resource. Many thanks.



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