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Thu Oct 29 12:57:58 CET 2015

Hi, I've sent an email to Stefan asking some questions regarding the
using an i.MX53 SABRE tablet. I was suggested by Stefan to ask questions
like these
at the mailing list. Anyway, thank you Stefan for answering me.

My idea is to run a similar demonstration on a i.MX53 QSB, and this is the
most relevant
part of Stefan's answer:

> > I tried to reproduce the demonstration on my Freescale i.MX53 Quick
> > Board, following the instructions of the readme in your github
> > and I failed to do so.

> Anyway, coming to your problem: you've tried to execute a binary version
> of the Genode OS compiled to run on the secure side of an i.MX53 SABRE
> tablet on top of an i.MX53 Quickstart board. These are different boards
> with differently configured i.MX53 SoCs (different RAM areas, different
> GPIO pins, different display port assignments, ...).
> If you want to execute exactly the same demonstration on top of the
> Quickstart board, you'll have to do quite some adaption work. Although,
> we have already a framebuffer driver that works for the LVDS extension
> of the Quickstart board, a touchscreen driver for this board is still
> missing. Moreover, you have to compile Android for the Quickstart Board
> using my adapted Linuk kernel version for i.MX53 [2].

Even so, I still have some questions. I would like to know if it is
possible to reproduce
a similar demonstration, with Genode and Android, using an i.MX53 Quick
Start Board,
but this time using, a mouse, keyboard and a regular PC monitor (through
VGA), instead of
using a touchscreen.

How should I proceed? And do I need to develop the required drivers? Do I
need to build a
similar demo using existing drivers that already support my intentions?

Is it possible to change the script in order to introduce the ps2
drivers instead
of the touchscreen's drivers?

And what about the display configurations? Stefan mentioned the QSB has
different RAM areas,
GPIO pins, and display port assignments. Does that mean it is difficult to
see the demo
through VGA?

> I do not want to take the wind out of your sails, but I think there is
> quite some work to do to port the demo to the Quickstart board. Maybe
> you should start with a less rich example. In Genode's current version,
> we have a run-script (test scenario) that boots a simple
> virtual-machine-monitor on top of Genode in the secure world, which
> boots a Linux kernel with a small initramfs. I think it is a good
> starting point to build and test this scenario.

> so long best regards
> Stefan
> [1]
> [2]

With my best regards
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