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Hi, Alex,

You are right. After checking the steps again, I discovered my mistake.
I've configured wrongly the hard disk controller of the guest virtual hard
disks for the rich Linux and Home to use "SATA" instead of "IDE" as stated
in the vm_linux.vbox.  i could get the Linux OS to boot up now.

However, the Wi-Fi is still not working. I've tried to configure as per
instructions on the wlan_configuration file but to no avail. I've looked
into the /dev/log for diagnostic but no help as well. Any ideas ?

Thanks in advance.

On Fri, Oct 23, 2015 at 2:59 PM, Alexander Boettcher <
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> Hello,
> On 22.10.2015 15:07, Vincent Digital wrote:
> >> I'm using the Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Desktop as guest VM
> >> From the logs, I am unable to deduce what goes wrong. How do I get a
> > working Linux ? The screen is still blank.
> >> Any advise ?
> >From what we can see/know from you, it should work. Your setup is
> running here on several X201 successfully.
> Thinks which you may check are:
> - check that you used the right, yours, UUIDs in vm_linux.vbox for the
> vdi and vmdk and did not mixed them up - do you use the same suggested
> partition layout ?
> - What does the cpu_load_display subsystem shows ? The CPUs are idle or
> they are busy during the VM startup?
> - What else differs/did you maybe differently as described ?
> - I don't believe in some issue here - but just as reference: my X201 is
> running the BIOS Version 1.40, Intel M 520 with 4GB, Enabled in CPU
> section all entries, e.g. Intel Virtualization Technology, VT-d Feature
> - You may also try my turmvilla branch [0], which contains several
> fixups for several things I encountered - but your described issue
> doesn't sound like my branch would help you here.
> Good luck,
> Alex.
> [0] https://github.com/alex-ab/genode/commits/turmvilla
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