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Thank you so much Josef.

I have another question regarding Noux. I wanted to port and run a simple
helloworld program on Genode's Noux runtime. I follow the steps for porting
an app to Noux, but for me it is not clear how to create the port makefile
for such program. and I can't jump to the next steps.

I would be grateful if someone give me steps to port a simple helloworld
program to Noux. So that i can run this program as child of Noux process in
Genode. I am just thinking to write and run more linux program in Genode
using Noux.

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,

On Wednesday, October 14, 2015, Josef Söntgen <
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> Hello Kas,
> * kas <kassatewodrose at ...9...> [2015-10-14 01:18:04 +0200]:
> > Can we port and run a Linux program which includes Linux kernel header
> > files such as linux/device.h using Noux runtime environment in Genode?
> > Thank you in advance for your time.
> You always can port a Linux program to Genode, even if it uses kernel
> headers BUT (and this literally is a big but) you will probably end up
> reimplementing the Linux kernel stuff the program requires. At best you
> only have to provide the proper structure definitions yourself.
> That being said, whether Noux *should* be used or not depends on the
> program — Noux should be considered only if the program is used from
> a shell interactively. Otherwise there is no immediate need for using
> it.
> Regards
> Josef
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