genode bare hardware on the odroids - howto?

Suriyan Ramasami suriyan.r at ...9...
Wed Oct 14 07:17:25 CEST 2015

Hello wonderful people!
    Greetings and thanks for the awesome work with genode.

   I have been trying to run genode on bare hardware on the odroids ->
odroid-x2/odroid-xu for which I presume - they are already supported (the
release notes mention them).
    What is missing is a step by step guide of building say, nested_init or
a simpler printf application which shows some output when run from the
uboot prompt.

    I tried following the instructions as mentioned in (it generates an elf file, but
then passing RUN_OPT="--target uboot" did not create the uImage file. Well,
I did convert the elf to a bin file with objcopy and then converted that to
an uImage file with mkimage. Am not sure if that is correct.

    What, I ask is, is there a step by step which will get me an UART
output from genode on any of the supported odroid's using the latest genode
code from git? Any pointers to such a doc would be immensely helpful to me
as I would like to explore genode.

Thanks in advance!
- Suriyan
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