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Tue Oct 6 15:06:24 CEST 2015

Hi Lonnie,

> not sure if it makes sense for the Genode project, but wouldn't it be a
> good idea for the Genode project to have local copies of these types of
> files so that compatability and building the base should not be a
> problem anymore?  Just an idea.
> I could see that a local repository could get rather large, but the
> upside is that the Genode users could get local copies that are known to
> work and install properly with the latest Genode versions.

we will definitely need to think of an alternative to the current status
quo as those kind of problems continue to plague us. But until now I
have not found a good way to go forward. Providing the downloads on sounds be an obvious idea. But in addition to bandwidth
concerns, we will need to take measures to secure the integrity of the
downloads, i.e., signing the archives. In short, I am afraid that we
cannot come up with a short-term solution but we see the necessity for
an improvement.

> Anyway, do you have any suggestions on how to resolve the out-of-date
> error?

Assuming that you modified the download location in
repos/libports/ports/libc.port, you will also need to adjust the
corresponding hash at repos/libports/ports/libc.hash. Right now, the
hash still refers to the old version of the libc. So the build system
tries to use the (uninstalled) original version and rightfully
complains. :-) You can update the hash file for your changed libc.port via

  cd genode
  ./tool/ports/update_hash libc

Now, the build system should be able to use your version of the libc.

If you want to learn more about our mechanism for incorporating
3rd-party software such as the libc, you may find the Sections "5.2.
Integration of 3rd-party software" and "5.3.6. Building 3rd-party
software" of the manual [1] helpful.



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