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Lonnie Cumberland lonnie at ...218...
Tue Oct 6 14:45:10 CEST 2015

Hi Alex,

I tried the IP address this morning on a freshly installed Genode git
download and although it seems that things get downloaded good now, that
there is a problem in that Genode is reporting an out of date libc

lonnie at ...355...:~/genode$ ./tool/ports/prepare_port libc
libc  download
libc  download
libc  download
libc  download
libc  download
libc  download
libc  download
libc  download
libc  download
libc  download
libc  download
libc  download
libc  download
libc  download
libc  download
libc  download
libc  generate nslexer.c
libc  generate nsparser.c
libc  generate bootparam_prot.h
libc  generate nfs_prot.h
libc  generate nlm_prot.h
libc  generate rstat.h
libc  generate ypupdate_prot.h
libc  generate crypt.h
libc  generate nis_cache.h
libc  generate pmap_prot.h
libc  generate rwall.h
libc  generate yp.h
libc  generate key_prot.h
libc  generate nis_callback.h
libc  generate rex.h
libc  generate sm_inter.h
libc  generate ypxfrd.h
libc  generate klm_prot.h
libc  generate nis_object.h
libc  generate rnusers.h
libc  generate spray.h
libc  generate mount.h
libc  generate nis.h
libc  generate rquota.h
libc  generate yppasswd.h
libc  generate rpcb_prot.h
libc  apply src/lib/libc/patches/*.patch
libc  install include/libc
libc  install include/libc/rpc
libc  install include/libc/rpcsvc
libc  install include/libc/gssapi
libc  install include/libc/arpa
libc  install include/libc/vm
libc  install include/libc/net
libc  install include/libc/netinet
libc  install include/libc/netinet6
libc  install include/libc/bsm
libc  install include/libc/sys/rpc
libc  install include/libc/sys
libc  install include/libc-i386
libc  install include/libc-i386/machine
libc  install include/libc-amd64
libc  install include/libc-amd64/machine
libc  install include/libc-arm
libc  install include/libc-arm/machine
libc  create symlinks
libc  generate libc.hash
Error: libports/ports/libc.port is out of date, expected
make: *** [_check_integrity] Error 1


not sure if it makes sense for the Genode project, but wouldn't it be a
good idea for the Genode project to have local copies of these types of
files so that compatability and building the base should not be a problem
anymore?  Just an idea.

I could see that a local repository could get rather large, but the upside
is that the Genode users could get local copies that are known to work and
install properly with the latest Genode versions.

Anyway, do you have any suggestions on how to resolve the out-of-date

Kind Regards and have a great day,

On Mon, Oct 5, 2015 at 3:23 PM, Alexander Senier <alex at ...331...> wrote:

> Hi Lonnie,
> I was facing the same issue. is doing DNS rotation such
> that some repos got fetched OK and others timed out when preparing libc.
> Aliasing with the IP address of in
> /etc/hosts solved the issue for me:
> HTH.
> Cheers,
> Alex
> On 05.10.2015 16:27, Lonnie Cumberland wrote:
> > I am currently working on getting VirtualBox/Genode/NOVA compiled up and
> am
> > trying to "prepare_port libc" but have found that the
> >
> >
> >
> > seems to be unstable and times out a lot while trying to download the
> > library.
> >
> > Is there an alternate location that I can get the libc library from?
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