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Wed Nov 25 16:33:48 CET 2015

Hi Emery,

> This is a notice that I've cleaned up the Nix port and created a
> branch of the Genode master to test against.

very cool! Thanks for sharing the current state and for the summary. I
look forward to experiment with your branch (once the upcoming Genode
release is out).

> The run scenarios 'nix_rom' and 'nix_fs' show how to setup routing
> to create ROM and file system roots on demand (but poor examples of
> Nix expressions). The scenario 'nix_toolchain' attempts to build
> binaries on demand, but I think I need to poke around in Noux to
> get it to run to completion.

I agree that Noux will need more love. But that is the next logical step.

> I have some examples for generating cli_monitor configurations,
> though I need to put together a full scenario to show how to route
> cli_monitor to make it work. 
>  The issue of fetching compiled packages to a live system is still
> outstanding, I have some ideas on the network protocol, but none on
> a binary signing scheme.
> I started on some write-up of the porting process but it will
> probably be more for people coming from NixOS than from Genode or
> those interested in making the language more cross-platform. Ignore
> the name, I'm not a very good writer.

A very interesting read!


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