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Wed Nov 25 01:30:06 CET 2015

Hello list,

This is a notice that I've cleaned up the Nix port and created a branch of the Genode 
master to test against. I've only managed to drive the toolchain part way to creating 
component binaries, but for now the problems seem to be in the domain of Noux.

The core of the port has been defined, and the frontends are done, which is actually no 
frontend at all. There is the nix-repl for debugging and everything else can use 
server/nix, which generates ROMs and file system roots on demand.

I have a branch 'nix' at with a set of patches 
against master and an external repo at

The run scenarios 'nix_rom' and 'nix_fs' show how to setup routing to create ROM and file 
system roots on demand (but poor examples of Nix expressions). The scenario 
'nix_toolchain' attempts to build binaries on demand, but I think I need to poke around 
in Noux to get it to run to completion.

I have some examples for generating cli_monitor configurations, though I need to put 
together a full scenario to show how to route cli_monitor to make it work.

The issue of fetching compiled packages to a live system is still outstanding, I have 
some ideas on the network protocol, but none on a binary signing scheme.

I started on some write-up of the porting process but it will probably be more for people 
coming from NixOS than from Genode or those interested in making the language 
more cross-platform. Ignore the name, I'm not a very good writer.

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