Best referance hardware at this point ?

Jookia 166291 at ...9...
Mon Nov 9 09:34:43 CET 2015

On Mon, Nov 09, 2015 at 09:04:47AM +0100, Norman Feske wrote:
> I'd still recommend the x201 because this is what I am using. Anyway, we
> started using other machines as well. I.e., the x250 is a good choice.
> We just started to regularly test Genode on this hardware. When
> purchasing, please make sure that the machine has AMT (for
> serial-over-network support). Otherwise, you may not be able to obtain
> low-level LOG data for troubleshooting.

Perhaps it'd be worth implementing an EHCI driver of sorts for logging? Relying
on nonfree software to do serial logging is problematic. Testing with Libreboot
would be good (and something I intend to do sometime.)

> With regard to package management, Emery is actively developing the use
> of the Nix package manager on top of Genode. Even though this line of
> work is at an experimental stage, I find the prospects for our project
> very exciting:

I spent a little bit of time trying to get it to work on my build of Genode but
still hit errors - unfortunately given its (unintentionally?) nonfree nature
there wasn't much more I could do and I felt uneasy about putting time in to
fixing it. Perhaps when that's fixed the community could get involved a bit

> Cheers
> Norman

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