Port OpenDDS to Genode

Roger Ferreira rogerdff at ...16...
Tue May 26 00:02:55 CEST 2015

Hi Norman, 
After I lot of man hour work, I had some success to build first part.
However, I had to get rid of some functionalities cause I was not able to link to a Genode library.
Things like:- ./build/foc_x86_64/l4/include/uclibc/sys/shm.h- ./build/foc_x86_64/var/libcache/lxip/include/include/include/linux/aio.h
>From the standard Genode build system, such includes cannot be found.
If I try to include (INC_DIR +=) a lot of side effects appear.
For that reason, I had to disable (through standard ACE defines like ACE_LACKS_SYS_SHM_H) such expected features.
After I finally succeded to build the ACE lib, I got link errors trying to build an app / tool.
For example: pthread.
Even though I enabled it in LIBS, in the linking phase a I get errors like:undefined reference to `pthread_rwlockattr_destroy'
I saw it is defined in:build/foc_x86_64/l4/include/uclibc/pthread.h:
The problem is that this 
I am getting many others similar problems like:undefined reference to `obj_config_dde'
How do I treat such sort of problem?
Hope it is not yet necessary to have the files / environment.
If it is, I believe I have a working repos to start sharing.
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