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Tue May 19 11:29:05 CEST 2015

Hi Roger,

> Regarding the possibility of a working branch on Git that would be
> interesting, sharing with others that might be willing to use and test
> OpenDDS as well or other similar OMG DDS implementation such as OpenSlice.
> OpenDDS is being my first choice at the moment, since I already tested
> it on Ubuntu 12.04LS.
> I will rebuild it to get the output as you recommended.
> But before going into Git, at which point would you recommend me to
> advance the porting?
> Namely, just having the very basic repos with porting (.port & .hash) is
> enough to start, or should I step on to get a better working mk files?

I gather from your email that you still have several ideas how to
proceed. So I recommend you to follow your ideas first. If you like, you
may conduct your work on a publicly visible topic branch at GitHub and
announce your branch here. So other people could take a look (at their
discretion) and may give advice. GitHub is just great for that.

Once you arrive at a point where you get stuck and seek practical
assistance, sharing your branch would be most effective way to allow us
reproducing your problem.

But most importantly: Don't feel pressured by me. :-)

> I am still lost in the out of the tree building concept, not sure what
> exactly to place in the repos, like include files, to become available
> in the Genode environment.

Is the Section 5.3 "Build system" of the forthcoming documentation [1]
able to clear things up? If not, I am keen to know what information you
find missing.

> I have not much time to dedicate to this, so it can take longer than
> expected. Beyond the lack of deeper knowledge so far.
> I will try to do my best.
> As a result, there will be certainly a lot of changes until I hope to
> succeed.
> If you still believe that we could start a branch, please give me the
> instructions to do so.

Please refer to Section 5.5.2. "Development practice" of the
soon-to-be-published documentation [1].


Best regards

Dr.-Ing. Norman Feske
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