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Sun May 10 21:05:58 CEST 2015

I haven't tested it yet, but this looks like a good step toward ext3/ext4
support. Genode is in need of a journaling filesystem, so this is good
news. I know that this is just an ext2 implementation for now, but having a
native driver looks like a step in the right direction.
I looked over the patch briefly, and I saw that PERR was being used where
PDBG or PINF seemed more appropriate.

On Sun, May 10, 2015 at 11:02 AM, Janani k <3moonu3 at ...9...> wrote:

> Hi,
> I am trying to port an existing native file-system(ext2) to Genode. So, I
> started porting this in the same place as rump_ext2 so that this can be set
> up fast to get quick running of the code. I designed it so as to call our
> native implementation calls instead of rump calls. To get the block
> sessions working and basic ext2 functionalities checking, I did quick code
> work to get it up and running. Sorry didn't follow the
> Genode specifications in coding. I want get suggestions & feedback's on
> this design and then I will align code to Genode specifications and move
> further. I am attaching the patch file. And I will list out major things I
> did in this work to give an overview.
> 1. It contains totally 3 parts. one which has all Genode related code
> which used to deal with rump also and handle registry things, so I kept
> this one as is so as to utilize it again. Second part File-system interface
> which serves as an abstraction of all the extended file-system
> types(ext2,ext3,ext4). Third part ext2 this contains the implementation of
> ext2.
> 2. All the calls previously to rump will be replaced by this new ext2
> implementation.
> 3. Till now I could get it up running. In this, I linked creating
> directory or file code, remove a directory, listing of directory entries
> works. This you can see in file comments where this gets called.
> 4. Since I used ram data space the changes I did to the ext2.raw are not
> persistent. So I removed 3 lines in which create ext2.raw
> file again and again when this demo is run and instead I made it
> persistent. And I created some directories before hand in this.
> 5. For mounting it and checking contents use :: $ sudo mount -t ext2 -o
> loop,rw ./build.lx/bin/ext2.raw /mnt/ext2/
> 6 For checking ext2 structure from outside use :: $ dumpe2fs
> build.lx/bin/ext2.raw
> Entire development is done running Genode on linux. For compiling and
> running ext2 use :: make -C build.lx/ run/rump_ext2
> Thanks & regards,
> Janan
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