Virtualbox + rump_fs + qemu

Christian Prochaska christian.prochaska at ...1...
Mon Mar 16 20:51:40 CET 2015

Hello Adrian,

On 11.03.2015 00:02, a3an wrote:
> I just wonder what will be done to fix this. Is there a way to open 
> problem-ticket for
> this problem ? Or, is there an explanation as to what the problem is ?

you can create an issue at

There's no explanation yet, but as a temporary workaround you can move
the .vbox file into the root directory or load it from a ROM service.

> As to '',  I am unable to execute this 
> run-script. I get the
> message 'Run script does not support Qemu.'.
> Could you explain how this script should be executed ?

A simple way to use the script is with the following run tool
configuration in 'build/nova_x86_64/etc/build.conf' (latest Genode release):

RUN_OPT = --include boot_dir/nova \
          --include image/iso

With this configuration, 'make run/vbox_auto_win7' will create an ISO
image in the 'var/run' directory, which you could write on a USB stick
(using 'dd') and boot from it on real hardware.

The script provides VirtualBox with the 'vm_win7.vbox' file, which needs
to get adapted to the actual VDI files to be used. The 'overlay.vdi'
file can be created like this:

- $ VboxManage showhdinfo win7.vdi
- remember the 'Capacity' value
- $  VboxManage createhd --filename overlay_win7.vdi --size [Capacity
value] --format vdi

Also, the UUIDs in the 'vm_win7.vbox' file need to get replaced by the
real UUIDs of the VDI files (also shown by 'VBoxManage showhdinfo').

The VDI files are loaded from an 'ext2' file system on the fourth
primary partition of the hard disk. The partition number can be changed
in ''.

Having a serial port on the target machine is highly recommended to know
what the problem could be if it doesn't work right away.


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