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Martin Stein martin.stein at ...1...
Thu Mar 12 11:11:04 CET 2015

Hi Waldo,

I'm a little bit confused. Didn't you had UART already working as stated
in your forelast mail? Are you sure that your current state still uses
the UART configuration you'd adapted to your platform? Maybe there is a
problem with your include paths? The '#include <drivers/board_base.h>'
in your 'base-hw/src/core/include/spec/cortex_a9/board_support.h' should
be resolved to 'base/include/platform/yse5250/drivers/board_base.h' to
ensure that 'base-hw/src/core/include/spec/exynos5/serial.h' uses the
correct enums.

You can check this by doing:

VERBOSE= make core | grep

If this prints out a line that has 'arndale' or 'odroid_xu' after the
'include/platform/' there is something wrong in your
'base/mk/spec-platform_yse5250.mk' or you're using the wrong
'base/mk/spec-platform_*.mk' file. The latter is the case if there is a
bad include call in your 'base-hw/mk/spec-hw_yse5250.mk' or if you're
using the wrong 'base-hw/mk/spec-hw_*.mk' file which would be caused by
a wrong SPEC in your '$BUILD_DIR/etc/specs.conf'

Please let me know wether this solved your problems.


On 10.03.2015 19:12, Waldo Paz Rodriguez wrote:
> hello genode hackers, i am using the staging branch as you recommend, i 
> made the changes proposed by Dr Feske, and it compile fine, but i cant 
> get a good serial output. I config the baudrate at 115200 but the result 
> was the same.
> best regards waldo
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