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Fri Mar 6 19:41:46 CET 2015

Am Freitag, 6. März 2015, 16:22:16 schrieb Norman Feske:

Hi Norman,

>according to our road map (, the
>upcoming Genode version 15.05 will be accompanied with comprehensive
>documentation. The work on this documentation is in full swing and can
>be tracked at the corresponding Git repository:
>A snapshot of the current version is available as PDF at:
>So far, the work on the following chapters is completed already:
>  3. Architecture
>  4. Components
>  6. System configuration
>  8. Under the hood
>I would greatly appreciate feedback from the community about those
>chapters - be it in the form of minor spelling or grammar fixes,
>suggestions for additional topics you wish to see covered, hints about
>misleading paragraphs, or any other concerns that you may have.

This is really great to see such comprehensive documentation!

My experience with such documentation (considering that I am maintaining 
a 1500+ design documentation of the Linux kernel) is that references to 
the code are helpful. For example: when you talk about a capability in 
section 3.1, just add a hint which C++ object such capability is stored 
in. With this, a reader now as an entry into the code and can start to 
understand the code.

Note, I am not looking for comprehensive code snippets -- just a 
reference to the code structs / objects.


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