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Mon Mar 2 14:06:50 CET 2015


> On 02/28/2015 02:38 AM, Madhu (Macaque Labs) wrote:
> > Who are the ARM cpu vendors who publish their trust zone support ?
> > I know Freescale does, know for a fact Qualcomm does not !
> > Mediatek ?
> Yes, Freescale does, that is why it is currently our ARM platform of
> choice .-) Also ARM does (Versatile Express), but that is just a proof
> of concept.
> We are currently manufacturing an i.MX6 tablet for developers with taper
> enabled.
> We can get the OEM to sell that to other hackers but i.MX6 is not going
> to cut it.

well, I just hope that Freescale will be able to keep up its openness:


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