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Hello again,

On 02/28/2015 09:09 AM, Mohammad Hamad wrote:

> Thank you for replaying, could you please give me an example of doing it
> with the first option .

I guess ISAKMP is a library that heavily depends on libc, right? If so,
I would go for option 2 (libc plugin). If it actually requires 'fork'
(as Christian mentioned), there is only option 3 (noux) available.

For an example of option 1 (even so it does not depend on libc in the
first place), you can have a look at 'dde_linux' which is a port of some
Linux drivers to Genode. What one basically has to do, is to provide an
environment where the ported program can run. That requires the
following steps:

1. Make it compile: Provide definitions of any
function/structure/macro/enum the program uses from libc.

2. Make it link: Provide a dummy function for each one that leads to a
'undefined reference' message from the linker.

3. Make it work: Implement all dummy functions that are actually used by
the program in order to fulfill its core functionality. For example, one
can omit book keeping or any other fancy stuff. This requires a little
experience, though.

I would call the above, the minimal Genode porting guide :-)



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