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Martin Stein martin.stein at ...1...
Thu Jan 22 13:03:01 CET 2015

Hi Waldo,

As far as I can see, your board uses the UART0 or UART1 for serial
output (depending on which connector you use) whereas the base-hw driver
(base-hw/src/core/include/spec/exynos5/serial.h) sends on UART2. You
should adapt the base-address and clock input parameters for
'Exynos_uart_base' accordingly. My Exynos 5250 manual says that
uart0_base is 0x12C00000 and uart1_base is 0x12C10000 while uart0/1_clk
should be the same as uart3_clk but both depend on the configuration
depicted in  "Figure 12-8 Input Clock Diagram for UART".

You might also check wether the pin layout of your RS-232 wiring matches
the pin layout of the board's UART output. I wasn't able to achieve
information about the latter because one has to be logged in to download
on http://www.yicsystem.com/support/download/.

Another point is that the Uboot bootloader up from a certain revision
decided to not boot in secure mode anymore but in hypervisor mode. Thus,
we had to patch Uboot for base-hw as it expects secure mode. Which
version of Uboot do you use?


On 21.01.2015 21:48, Waldo Paz Rodriguez wrote:
> Hello Norman, I followed your steps and I compiled Genode (printf 
> scenario) with this modifications, but when I tested on the card it 
> doesn't work. Then I tried to read the serial output but i can't read it.
> best regards waldo
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