Network Performance in Genode

Mohammad Hamad mhh.it1986 at ...9...
Sun Jan 18 21:43:18 CET 2015


I am studying the network performance (with lwip) of Genode with different
kernels such as linux and base_hw.

Genode ported netperf as tool to measure the  performance with many tests (
TCP_RR , TCP_STREAM and etc). there is run file (netperf_lwip) working with
linux kernel .
I made some changes to make it run for Raspberry bi  but i  still have some
questions .
- is netpperf ported  to genode for measuring the performance on the linux
kernel or it is accepted tools for Raspberry bi  too, can I trust it with
- each time i run the TCP_RR test I get different results . while it is
almost stable when i run the same test between two linux machines .
- should i accept the result for one test or  i should calculate the
average of  many tests for the same parameters

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