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On Tue, Jan 13, 2015 at 02:49:11PM +0100, nyaaa at ...282... wrote:
> Not directly related to the software itself, is there a way to display
> the mailing list archive in a nicer look? If I remember correctly, it
> was around the time of the move to github or some other infrastructural
> change, that the old view was changed. I think, back then, the theme was
> similar to the look of
> It would be
> great, if the old look could be restored.

Back then we just wrapped the Sourceforge mailing-list browser on our
website, but lost interest when Sourceforge changed their site again
and again. Thus, I registered several news-archive sites at the list
you may choose from

  Gmane (threaded)
  Gmane (blog-like)
  Mail archive

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