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Josef Söntgen josef.soentgen at ...1...
Tue Jan 6 11:15:54 CET 2015

Hello Tim,

On 01/05/15 23:08, Tim Newsham wrote:
> What laptop hardware do you recommend for using genode?

Since we mostly use Thinkpads for testing as well as developing Genode
on, a Thinkpad is the obvious recommandation. Even when using a
Thinkpad there is things to look out for, though:

* the native resolution of the display needs to be available in the 
  VBE mode list because Genode currently only has a VESA driver and 
  otherwise you will get a blurry picture

* full support for Intel AMT — some Thinkpads claim to have full AMT 
  support but do not have it actually (note: AMT is not required for 
  running Genode but eases debugging by providing a serial connection)

* working ACPI implementation because on some Thinkpads, e.g. T440s,
  wrong IRQs are reported via ACPI leading currently to non-working

* able to use a Intel wireless 6xxx oder 7260 card (Lenovo/IBM BIOS
  unfortunatly has a whitelist for wireless cards) if you want to
  use wlan

A Thinkpad model that works well in our experience is the X201 (that is
the one Norman mostly uses for his presentations) and from my experience
the T430 does too relating to the list above.


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