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Martin Unzner munzner at ...28...
Mon Jan 5 21:59:05 CET 2015

Hi all,

sorry for the delay, but speaking of NAT components that spare IP
addresses, I wanted to make you guys aware of my diploma thesis which
treated exactly that topic, albeit on Linux:

In contrast to the source code that I wrote back then, for Genode, we
would require a C++ solution which does not need Rump kernel patches (as
that is not feasible in the long run) and performs a lot better. Also,
unit and integration tests are missing, and by now I think they are a

My code base is quite small already, so all these issues call for a
rewrite. I will see how far I can get with that effort, but it being a
spare-time project of mine it is possible that I do not get anywhere at all.

Hence, if somebody wanted to work in that direction I would be glad to
support them.



Am 23.12.2014 um 22:36 schrieb Christian Helmuth:
> Hello,
> thanks Norman for starting this already fruitful discussion right
> before the holidays - I'm looking forward to all the messages from the
> community.
> Beside the desktop environment and pushing the exciting ideas of a
> data-centric approach for our user interface I see further challenges
> in the field of networking. With LAN and WiFi access on a good path,
> we should invest more time into network interoperability. First, the
> good old NIC bridge needs a companion NAT service as environments like
> hotel WLANs are not that generous with multiple IP addresses per
> client. Next, the new NAT component as well as existing services and
> drivers need to become adaptable and sensitive to changing network
> environments - also a manual approach would be feasible IMO.
> Further (as Josef and Ben also brought up), the user interface to
> network services must be enabled. I would be more than glad with good
> old mutt plus IMAP sync and Chrome on Genode. Especially the latter
> sounds like a worthwhile challenge.
> Greets and Happy holidays

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