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Sat Feb 28 05:27:29 CET 2015

On 02/28/2015 02:38 AM, Madhu (Macaque Labs) wrote:
> Who are the ARM cpu vendors who publish their trust zone support ?

> I know Freescale does, know for a fact Qualcomm does not !
> Mediatek ?

Yes, Freescale does, that is why it is currently our ARM platform of
choice .-) Also ARM does (Versatile Express), but that is just a proof
of concept.

> Trying to do a virtualized android tablet distribution. Can we have
> a genode sub project on this. I am sure, others would be interested.

Sure, but that heavily depends on resources available at our side. If
you can start or even do it, I think most of the eight people here will
be glad to help you.

> Also attempting a port of bionic on genode. First hack is done,
> doing so excited testing. If this works, then genode on genode
> virtualization might suffice.

Ok, if you need help, just ask here.

> Using
> Freescale currently but it is A9, so has no VT support and
> power usage is on the higher side.

We have some power management on A15, not for A9 though.

> I see a couple of Samsung exynos boards on  the support list,
> I think both are a15 based cores. So does that mean we can hack
> a galazy tab or a high end galaxy s phone  to run genode ? Has to be the
> wifi
> or the Asian version.

Maybe, we do have a pretty good documentation on Exynos 5250, but
everything above is problematic or ends up in looking at some Linux
source code.

> Both run Exynos. US 3g/lte variants typically run snapdragon though
> I believe that is changing with the new s6.
> would be nice to have a cortex a 53/57 device though.

Yes, it would be. No hardware at our side.

> I have also asked AMD for details on their new Carrizo processor.
> this is a multi core x86 with a cortex ax supposedly running trustzone.
> Wanr to try a virtualize Ubuntu on this with security modules secured
> through tz.

Let us know how this turns out!

> Our own open source Shakti processor based on RiscV is getting its  TZ
> support
> but it will be at least end of the year before we can release it on
> fpga. Student code
> takes to ensure to clean up ! Also riscv mmu slecture is not available yet.
> The UCB rocket processor is ready but some one has to hack TZ into it.

RiscV is since FOSDEM my self-declared hobby project. No progress so far
though, but if you guys actually build an ASIC that would be awesome.
Maybe I should start with that soon :-)



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