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Sat Feb 28 02:38:46 CET 2015

Who are the ARM cpu vendors who publish their trust zone support ?

I know Freescale does, know for a fact Qualcomm does not !
Mediatek ?
Trying to do a virtualized android tablet distribution. Can we have
a genode sub project on this. I am sure, others would be interested.
Also attempting a port of bionic on genode. First hack is done,
doing so excited testing. If this works, then genode on genode
virtualization might suffice.

Freescale currently but it is A9, so has no VT support and
power usage is on the higher side.

I see a couple of Samsung exynos boards on  the support list,
I think both are a15 based cores. So does that mean we can hack
a galazy tab or a high end galaxy s phone  to run genode ? Has to be the
or the Asian version.
Both run Exynos. US 3g/lte variants typically run snapdragon though
I believe that is changing with the new s6.
would be nice to have a cortex a 53/57 device though.

I have also asked AMD for details on their new Carrizo processor.
this is a multi core x86 with a cortex ax supposedly running trustzone.
Wanr to try a virtualize Ubuntu on this with security modules secured
through tz.

Our own open source Shakti processor based on RiscV is getting its  TZ
but it will be at least end of the year before we can release it on fpga.
Student code
takes to ensure to clean up ! Also riscv mmu slecture is not available yet.
The UCB rocket processor is ready but some one has to hack TZ into it.
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