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Martin Stein martin.stein at ...1...
Tue Feb 10 11:43:47 CET 2015

Hi Waldo,

My branch 'https://github.com/m-stein/genode/tree/hw_perf_arm_v7'
implements a simple in-kernel tool for low-level performance statistics
on HW+ARMv7. It measures the CPU cycles that were executed by a thread
directly (called "EC" in the output) and those that were payed by a
threads scheduling context (called "PC" in the output). Be aware that
these are different things as a thread might temporarily "borrow" its
scheduling context to other threads. You can output the statistic by
issuing 'Kernel::print_char(0);' in the userland as it is done in
'os/src/test/signal/main.cc' exemplarily or directly from the kernel. Be
aware that you need to add 'perf_counter' to your 'SPECS' variable in
your '<BUILD_DIR>/etc/specs.conf'. The tool can also be easily modified
to measure only in-kernel time or the duration of specific syscalls. But
be aware that the counter has to be read in a certain frequency to avoid
loss of overflow information in 'Kernel::Perf_counter::value(bool &
overflow)'. Furthermore, this tool shouldn't be used together with the
tracing framework Norman mentioned as they may interfere on the
performance counter.


On 09.02.2015 19:49, Waldo Paz Rodriguez wrote:
> hello genode hackers, I need to know which types of testing and tools 
> are available for testing devices drivers, system call performance, 
> scheduling and any modification made on the system.
> best regards, waldo
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