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Tue Feb 10 11:30:59 CET 2015

Hi Waldo,

> hello genode hackers, I need to know which types of testing and tools
> are available for testing devices drivers, system call performance, 
> scheduling and any modification made on the system.

I wonder what's your intention to post the exact same (and overly
generic) question on different mailing lists (i.e., l4-hackers). Are you
doing a survey?

In the course of your experiments with Genode, you have certainly
encountered so-called run scripts. The run tool that executes those
scripts is the most relevant answer to your question. You can find the
corresponding documentation here:


The run and autopilot tools are used daily to exercise all run scripts
listed in 'tool/autopilot.list' on various kernels and hardware platforms.

Among the tests are several benchmarks, for example, the time it takes
to execute the 'ports/run/noux_tool_chain_auto.run' script, or the
measurements taken by the 'ports/run/netperf*.run' scripts. For some
device drivers, there exist driver-specific benchmarks. For example, a
performance test for the OMAP4 SD-card driver can be found at

Regarding tools for investigating performance issues, I'd like to
highlight two approaches. First, since Genode is able to run on Linux,
popular profiling tools like oprofile can be used to analyze most of
Genode's components (except for device drivers). The second tool is
Genode's tracing framework, which is explained here:


The latter is very flexible but not easy to use because one has to
implement a so-called trace monitor for each kind of measurement. The
tracing mechanism had been extremely helpful for analyzing performance
issues such as the IRQ handling of the USB driver on the Rpi.

If you have more specific questions, please don't hesitate to ask.


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