Porting Genode to Raspberry Pi 2

Norman Feske norman.feske at ...1...
Thu Dec 3 16:17:28 CET 2015

Hello Tamas,

> I would like to port Genode to the Raspberry Pi 2, using the custom
> kernel from base-hw.

welcome to the list! Support for the Raspberry Pi 2 would be very cool
to have. :-)

> I know it is already available for the Raspberry Pi 1, but model 2 uses
> an entirely different CPU (ARM Cortex-A7), from a different family
> (ARMv7-A).
> I am not very familiar with the structure of the Genode source files
> yet. Could you help me, by explaining what files I should create or
> modify, and which files I should take as reference when doing so?
> (Should I start based on the files of a board using a CPU from the same
> family (ARMv7-A), or from the files concerning the Raspberry Pi 1?)

A similar question popped up last January when Waldo Paz Rodriguez
worked on enabling a new Exynos-5 board while basing his work on an
already supported board (Arndale). The hints that I gave back then may
very well apply to your situation (of course, the board names differ):


Within the Genode source tree, we use "rpi" to refer to the Raspberry
Pi. So this is the pattern to look for. I hope this is helpful for
getting started. Please do not hesitate to ask for further directions.


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