Develop Trustzone support for imx6

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Mon Apr 27 15:05:20 CEST 2015

chirag garg <chiragdthinker at ...52...> writes:

> Hello Thong,
> It seems, you are trying to run i.mx53 image on the i.mx6 board if that is 
the case it will not work. To run the printf script over the imx6 platform 
you should try out the latest master branch of Genode on git hub that have 
the imx6 support without trustzone.
> For the TrustZone support on imx6 SABRE Lite board our team is also 
working at IIT Madras , As of now we are able to run Genode(secure world) 
beside Genode(normal world) so you can take a look at IIT Madras repository 
as the initial starting point.
> Genode as secure world : the 
hw_sabrelite_tz_support branch tz_vmm_mx6 will work as tz_vmm  Genode as 
normal world :
> Switch application in the hw_sabrelite_tz_normal_os branch will serve you 
as a linux (for normal world) kernel image in tz_vmm.
> Regards
> Chirag Garg
> IIT Madras , Rise Lab

Hi Chirag,

From this procedure, we can compile and build uImage. But what about u-boot  
for iMX6 Board?

Actually I downloaded u-boot for iMX6 Board. But I am getting the following 

Booting kernel from Legacy Image at 10800000 ...

Image Name:

Image Type: ARM Linux Kernel Image (gzip compressed)

Data Size: 7858662 Bytes = 7.5 MB

Load Address: 10001000

Entry Point: 10001000

Verifying Checksum ... Bad Data CRC

ERROR: can't get kernel image!

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