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Sat Sep 13 20:56:31 CEST 2014

Thanks Norman for your valuable suggestion.... :)
We are also planned to follow the same procedure...:)

On Thu, Sep 11, 2014 at 5:57 PM, Norman Feske <norman.feske at ...1...>

> Hi Paramesh,
> welcome to the mailing list! Good to know that you are kicking off the
> work on bringing Android to Genode.
> > are planning to port android runtime(ART) on to Genode. Can you guide us
> > what is the best strategy that we need follow.
> I am not proficient with the ART runtime. So I can only give general
> advice. If I pursued this line of work, I would start as follows:
> 1. Get accommodated with ART, compiling and running it on Linux with
>    small examples, and investigate its library dependencies. Also, I
>    would try to find out the feature set required from the host OS.
>    I.e., does it depend on fork/exeve, how does it communicate with
>    other parts of the system (Unix domain sockets, binder, etc.)?
>    Look if those code portions are somehow abstracted so that they
>    can eventually be replaced by Genode-specific code. I would also
>    try to disable all optional features like optimizations. The
>    goal should be to get a version of the runtime that is as simple
>    as possible.
> 2. Port the library dependencies to Genode following this guide:
>    While porting the libraries, I would stick with the base-linux
>    platform, which enables you to use GDB for debugging. So the
>    development can happen at a fast pace.
> 3. Once all libraries needed by ART are ported, it is time to
>    port ART itself. The steps outlined in the above linked porting
>    guide might be very helpful. I would keep using base-linux at this
>    point. The goal should be to run a minimal-complexity example
>    (like a hello-world program) using a run script.
> 4. Now that a simple example is running on base-linux, proceed to
>    run the same scenario on one of the microkernels. I think that
>    when you managed to reach this stage, the further steps will
>    become apparent automatically.
> Happy hacking!
> Norman
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