VMM on i.mx53 quick start board

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Fri Sep 12 05:17:52 CEST 2014


I want to the use VMM on i.mx53 quick start board. I followed the following
building steps and managed to produce the image file in the build dirctory
(var/run/tz_vmm/uImage). I am using the master branch of Genode's mainline

* tool/create_builddir hw_imx53 BUILD_DIR=hw_imx53    cd hw_imx53    echo
"SPECS += trustzone" >> etc/specs.conf    echo "RUN_OPT = --target uboot"
>> etc/build.conf    make run/tz_vmm *

And then, i loaded the uImage to address 0x70010000 using u-boot command as

    *MX53-LOCO U-Boot > ext2load mmc 0 0x70010000 /home/lucid/uImage*
    Loading file "/home/lucid/uImage" from mmc device 0:1 (xxa1)
    7858766 bytes read

Finally, i tried to boot the demo and i got the following error. Anyone
knows about this?

    *MX53-LOCO U-Boot > bootm 0x70010000*
    ## Booting kernel from Legacy Image at 70010000 ...
     Image Name:
     Image Type:   ARM Linux Kernel Image (gzip compressed)
     Data Size:    7858702 Bytes =  7.5 MB
      Load Address: 70010000
      Entry Point:  70010000
      Verifying Checksum ... OK

* Uncompressing Kernel Image ... Error: inflate() returned -3 GUNZIP:
uncompress, out-of-mem or overwrite error - must RESET board to recover
resetting ...*
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