Planning for Genode on Risc-V ?

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Wed Sep 3 06:33:26 CEST 2014

    Following up on my prior note regarding running the Genode OS on
Bunnie's blog states "*The RISC-V supervisor spec exists but has not been
publicly released yet*" <>

   So I gather that there still might be some time for a potential
collaboration between the the Genode OS camp and Dr. Patterson's Risc-v
group <>?...

    That is, as I understand it Genode Labs <>
would love to work/co-design with an open source CPU design group, such
that the CPU's supervisory hardware interfaces with minimal complexity to
the Genode process protection model??

    Do I have that right?

   all the best

On Mon, Aug 25, 2014 at 7:41 PM, Peter Lindener <lindener.peter at ...9...>

> Dear
>    Norman and fellow Genodians..
>    Taking note of Johanne's efforts to bring up the Genode OS to run on
> the LEON_3 CPU
> <>...
>  prompted me to do a little catching up. Risc-V <> the
> current very promising state of Open source CPU core design....   here is
> the current state of Risc_V's software tool chain
> <>...
> seems we might want to think about how Genode's tool chain support
> could evolve to handle this fairly promising open Risc platform.... such
> that as lowRISC <> come's into it's existence,
>  running Genode on it might be just the ticket.
>    all the best
>       -Peter
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