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Hello Ben,

> Thanks. I still have one question: Does the vfs plugin support
> sub-mounts like the Linux kernel does? (E.g. can you mount a root
> filesystem and then mount other filesystems under it? If so, how do you
> do it?)

it does. It also supports stacked file systems, which allows you to
overlay any number of file system over another (a bit like union fs on

If you want a certain file system appear within a specific directory,
you can use nested '<dir>' nodes to construct the directory structure
and place other nodes (such as '<fs>') in there. By looking through the
run scripts, you will find plenty of examples how virtual file systems
get assembled. Just grep for "vfs" and "fstab".

E.g., in ports/run/, you can see how the VFS of a noux
instance is constructed out of the content of several tar archives
(which happen to have intersecting directory structures) and a few
custom directories:


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