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Thanks. I still have one question: Does the vfs plugin support sub-mounts
like the Linux kernel does? (E.g. can you mount a root filesystem and then
mount other filesystems under it? If so, how do you do it?)
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> Hello Ben,
> > What level of file management does Genode have? Is there a graphical
> > file manager available? Does noux support file management?
> there exists no graphical file manager for Genode. You can use coreutils
> in a noux instance to operate on files, though.
> When attempting to port existing GUI applications, please keep in mind
> that Genode does not support GTK. So you may be better off with
> Qt5-based software. If you are genuinely interested in porting software
> to Genode, you may find our porting guide useful:
> > Also, since I am considering implementing a file manager if one doesn't
> > already exist, how would I do it? I'm thinking of porting PCManFM to
> > Genode, so how does the filesystem work? (Does it have a single root
> > directory like Linux, or does it just give you access to each filesystem
> > like in Windows?)
> Genode does not have global file system. Each process has a separate
> instance of a virtual file system (VFS) that encompasses only those
> files that the process needs to see. Such a process-local VFS is
> configured by the respective parent process. To learn more about this
> approach, let me point you to the following documentation snippet:
> To actually access files on a disk, you will need to start an instance
> of a file-system server (e.g., rump_fs) and a disk driver. The
> file-system server will have a "Block" session to the disk driver and,
> in turn, provide a "File_system" service. This service can then be used
> by a program that has a '<fs>' node configured in its VFS.
> Cheers
> Norman
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