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btw, would you be comfortable to tell me your name or at least a nick
name? I feel a little bad about starting an email with "Hi Nobody". ;-)

> Thanks. The Genode documentation does seem somewhat lacking, so could
> you please help me? What apps are already available for launching Genode
> programs? I think that finding a good way of launching programs (e.g.
> through a terminal emulator) would be the first thing that I would need
> to do.

I think what you are looking for is located at 'os/src/app/cli_monitor',
which is a command-line-based application for starting and killing
subsystems. To give it a try, please refer to the run script
'gems/run/termina_mux.run', which combines the CLI monitor with a
terminal multiplexer called 'terminal_mux'. After booting the system,
press control-x to bring up the terminal-mux menu where you can switch
between CLI monitor and a log view. In CLI monitor, press tab to see a
list of commands. When having started a subsystem (e.g., 'start noux' -
note that you can use tab completion), you can switch to the new session
by pressing control-x again.

As a nice exercise, you may try to integrate CLI monitor with the window
manager (see 'gems/run/wm.run') using the graphical terminal
('gems/src/server/terminal') and nit_fb ('os/src/server/nit_fb').

> Also, can executables and libraries be loaded from filesystems?
> That seems like the solution to avoid needing to build new system images.
> Is there anything else helpful that I should know about Genode to build
> it as a general-purpose OS?

Normally, parent processes (like init, launchpad, CLI monitor) obtain
binaries and shared libraries as so-called ROM modules. The component
fs_rom ('os/src/server/fs_rom') provides a ROM service that hands out
files from a file system as ROM modules. By combining it with a
file-system server (such as rump_fs), you can start subsystems from a
file system.

In general, the best way to go forward is to explore the various run
scripts and components to get a tangible feel of which components are
there and how to combine them in useful ways.

Have fun!

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