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Thanks. The Genode documentation does seem somewhat lacking, so could you
please help me? What apps are already available for launching Genode
programs? I think that finding a good way of launching programs (e.g.
through a terminal emulator) would be the first thing that I would need to
do. Also, can executables and libraries be loaded from filesystems? That
seems like the solution to avoid needing to build new system images.
Is there anything else helpful that I should know about Genode to build it
as a general-purpose OS?

On Tue, Oct 28, 2014 at 1:56 PM, Norman Feske <norman.feske at ...1...>

> Hello,
> I'm afraid that we are not really there yet. You are right that a lot of
> puzzle pieces are already in place and Genode can certainly be used to
> build interesting application scenarios. Within Genode Labs, we are
> regularly building quite sophisticated scenarios including VirtualBox,
> Arora, Seoul, Rump-kernel-based file systems, and many more components.
> But for being fit as a general-purpose OS, there is still the need to
> address some remaining points, in particular proper packaging. Right
> now, we use run scripts to build whole system scenarios. For
> comprehensive scenarios, the build can take hours. This is acceptable
> for special-purpose systems but it does not scale enough for a
> general-purpose OS. The work flow of building and using the latter
> should be far more interactive. E.g., installing new subsystem on the
> fly without the need to rebuild a system image or even reboot the machine.
> That said, we definitely strive for Genode to become a general-purpose
> OS. So we will take on these challenges. This intention is best
> illustrated by our recently added GUI stack (the composition of window
> manager, nitpicker, decorator, window layouter). So stay tuned! ;-)
> Of course, you are very welcome to investigate Genode as a
> general-purpose OS on your own. E.g., porting the Debian bootstrapping
> to a Noux instance would certainly be an interesting project. Or another
> (and in my personal opinion more thrilling) idea, port the Nix package
> manager to a Noux environment.
> Cheers
> Norman
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