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On 10/20/2014 11:57 AM, Mhamad Hmad wrote:
> Hi all, 
> sorry for the previous email . it has been sent by mistake.
> I am trying to run the netperf_lwip but i am not able 
> i did the next 
> form the port dir i prepare the netperf 
> from the build.conf i enabled the ports repository
> then from the build.lx (the build dir for linux) i try to run the test ,
> i prepared the libc and lwip fron the libports dir and enabled them also
> in the build.conf .
> when i run the test it is  asked me to compile the netperf  client
> version 2.6.0 on the host system ??

The test you are trying to run is used to measure network performance.
Within the test a netwerf instance is started within Genode on your
test-machine, and on your developing machine (Linux system) another
netperf instance needs to get started, which communicates with the
Genode side. When doing netperf performance measures it is recommended
to use the same version of the program at both ends of the communication
channel. Therefore, you need to have the right netperf instance on your
Linux machine in place, and that is what the run script is telling you.
It requires that a 'netperf-2.6.0' binary is installed in one of the
directories contained in your PATH variable. You might use the source
code already downloaded via the make prepare step you've described. The
third-party sources end up in the "contrib" directoy.


> any one can help .
> best. 
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