Hashing on ARM platform

Josef Söntgen josef.soentgen at ...1...
Tue Oct 7 13:04:13 CEST 2014

Hello David,

> I found out that genode includes a portation of libcrpyto, but not
> for ARM:
> Skip library libcrypto because it requires x86
> (btw: this message is not easy no spot, it should be highlighted, i
> think ;) )
> The file libports/lib/mk/libcrypto.mk says:
> #
> # ARM is not supported currently (needs testing)
> #
> REQUIRES = x86

Which version of Genode do you use? We enabled libcrypto on ARM at least
two releases ago (iirc).

> Is genode capable of creating hashsums natively?

No — for now, libcrypto is the only option.


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