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Sun Nov 23 18:47:55 CET 2014

Hi Tim,

> I see rpi listed in the src tree, but only under the base-hw directory.
> Does this mean it is supposed but only runs without a ukernel?

it means that this combination is regularly used and tested. Btw,
base-hw is a true microkernel platform. But in contrast to the other
kernel platforms, the kernel is integrated with Genode rather than a
3rd-party program.

> I don't see any beaglebone or beagleboard platforms in the tree.
> Is there any support for any of these?  If not, are there plans for
> future support?

There are no concrete plans but no objections either. It's just that we
have not used those boards so far.

> I notice pandaboard is in the tree, and also built on omap.
> How similar is the pandaboard to the beagle board?  If
> very similar, what level of effort would be required for a
> port, and what areas would likely need attention?

I cannot give a profound answer on the differences between OMAP3 and
OMAP4. Please grep the source tree for "omap4" to spot the areas that
would need your attention.

> What ukernel is the "best" / most supported / recommended
> for genode on ARM at this time?  Other than platform support,
> are there any major feature differences between genode running
> on the diff ukernels?

The kernels differ in many ways:

* Supported platforms, supported hardware features
* Security, maturity
* Mode, philosophy, and liveliness of their development communities
* Scheduling
* Complexity
* Performance
* Features (e.g., kernel debugger, virtualization)
* Licensing

Nowadays, the regular Genode development focuses on NOVA (on x86_32 and
x86_64), base-hw (on ARM), Linux (for convenient development), and to a
lesser extend on Fiasco.OC.


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