genode questions

Tim Newsham tim.newsham at ...9...
Wed Nov 19 05:01:23 CET 2014

I am a noob and have some platform questions:

I see rpi listed in the src tree, but only under the base-hw directory.
Does this mean it is supposed but only runs without a ukernel?

I don't see any beaglebone or beagleboard platforms in the tree.
Is there any support for any of these?  If not, are there plans for
future support?

I notice pandaboard is in the tree, and also built on omap.
How similar is the pandaboard to the beagle board?  If
very similar, what level of effort would be required for a
port, and what areas would likely need attention?

What ukernel is the "best" / most supported / recommended
for genode on ARM at this time?  Other than platform support,
are there any major feature differences between genode running
on the diff ukernels?

Tim Newsham | | @newshtwit |

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