Troubles building lwip example on hw_rpi

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Sun Nov 23 18:43:01 CET 2014

Hi Norman
I will check the priority of timer and USB driver. I have the serial 
output produced by a modified version of QEMU with a good support for 
raspberry PI.
When i was using the 14.08 release 
(1126c747179b2abe1b63651a73b23244520e74cd), the demo on raspberrypi 
works fine, but, yesterday i have updated the branch, demo example 
compiles and starts on the pi but without the mouse.
I have tested some QT5 example and integrated it to the launcher, thats 
work fine, but without the mouse.
I have tried to test the Arora example, but i think that i have some 
troubles with the dhcp and lwip, i will test to do an static 
configuration of the network.

Best regards

On 11/23/2014 12:35 PM, Norman Feske wrote:
> Hi Reinier,
>> Thanks, I have tried with the current master branch and it worked. I
>> have tested QT5 examples, and have compiled, but when have tried it on
>> the PI does not recognize the mouse.
> I haven't tried the Qt5 examples myself but we discussed possible
> stumbling blocks recently:
> In particular, it is important to set the priority of the USB driver and
> the timer higher than all other processes. Otherwise, the USB driver may
> fail to respond to interrupts quickly enough. This seems particularly
> important at the startup of the USB driver.
> Do you have the serial output available? Without the debug log, it is
> almost impossible to give a meaningful diagnosis.
> You mentioned that you succeeded in running the script. Have
> you thought about incorporating a simple Qt5 application into the
> launchpad in the script instead of moving your focus over to
> the Qt5 examples directly? This way, you had at least a working starting
> point. You could do the integration work using the pbxa9 platform on
> Qemu. Once you are able to start a Qt5 app from the launchpad, you could
> try the same run script on the Rpi. If this still works, try to start
> the Qt5 app directly from init and remove launchpad from the scenario.
> If you come up with a working run script this way, you may compare the
> init configurations of your run script with the one produced by
> Cheers
> Norman

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