Troubles building lwip example on hw_rpi

Norman Feske norman.feske at ...1...
Sun Nov 23 18:35:01 CET 2014

Hi Reinier,

> Thanks, I have tried with the current master branch and it worked. I
> have tested QT5 examples, and have compiled, but when have tried it on
> the PI does not recognize the mouse.

I haven't tried the Qt5 examples myself but we discussed possible
stumbling blocks recently:

In particular, it is important to set the priority of the USB driver and
the timer higher than all other processes. Otherwise, the USB driver may
fail to respond to interrupts quickly enough. This seems particularly
important at the startup of the USB driver.

Do you have the serial output available? Without the debug log, it is
almost impossible to give a meaningful diagnosis.

You mentioned that you succeeded in running the script. Have
you thought about incorporating a simple Qt5 application into the
launchpad in the script instead of moving your focus over to
the Qt5 examples directly? This way, you had at least a working starting
point. You could do the integration work using the pbxa9 platform on
Qemu. Once you are able to start a Qt5 app from the launchpad, you could
try the same run script on the Rpi. If this still works, try to start
the Qt5 app directly from init and remove launchpad from the scenario.
If you come up with a working run script this way, you may compare the
init configurations of your run script with the one produced by


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