TPM, Haskell and RPC mapped through NOVA

Johannes Schlatow schlatow at ...238...
Wed Nov 12 11:33:10 CET 2014

Hey guys,

On Wed, 12 Nov 2014 09:43:36 +0100
Norman Feske <norman.feske at ...1...> wrote:

> > My next question is how difficult it is to write Genode
> > applications in Haskell. Is there an environment which can run
> > Haskell applications, something similar to the Haskell Lightweight
> > Virtual Machine for Xen? [2]  
> Even though the idea to run raw Haskell programs directly on Genode is
> intriguing (it is even mentioned in our "Challenges" page [1]), we
> have not pursued any development. If you decide to move into this
> direction, I'd be glad to support you.
> [1]

I just want to let you know, that I really like the idea of running
Haskell applications on Genode. I assume this boils done to porting the
RTS. Moreover, I'd prefer an integrated approach that also allows
accessing RPC interfaces from within Haskell applications. I don't have
much experience with Haskell (yet) but the Foreign Function Interface
(FFI) [1] looks quite promising for this purpose. There is also an FFI
generator for C++ [2].
Let me know if you are going to pursue this challenge.



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