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Tue Nov 4 11:58:34 CET 2014

Hello Mohammad,

could you please switch to the current master branch? The "rpi_usb"
branch is out of date. It was just a topic branch for the USB SOF
optimzation, which ended up the master branch already.

I cannot explain your observation. To investigate, you may use wireshark
to monitor the traffic in both cases (Linux vs. OpenBSD in the VM) and
look for the TCP protocol parameters. Maybe Linux uses a very small TCP
window in the bad case?

> when i run the test from OpenBSD  in the debug output of netperf  in the
> Rpi I get  meaasges like
> [init] child "netserver_genode" request resources :ram_quota= XXXXX

We don't have these messages in our log but we use a different branch.

The messages should not interfere with the throughput. They just hint at
a misconfiguration of the RAM quota assigned to the netserver_genode
process. The process tries to allocate more memory than assigned. But
since init has still slack memory available, it is handing out the
needed memory on demand.


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