ATAPI driver still not working

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Mon Nov 3 20:30:01 CET 2014

Can I disable output from certain services (e.g. ACPI, PS/2, FB, USB)? That
would help me see more relevant information on my screen.
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> Hi Ben,
> On 11/03/2014 04:04 PM, Nobody III wrote:
> > The ATAPI driver is still unable to detect my hard drive (or my CD drive
> > for that matter), even though I have switched to a 32-bit Genode system.
> > Any help?
> Unfortunately, the ATAPI driver is a really old peace of code. We
> haven't used in a long time and there doesn't even exist a proper run
> script to test it. I've tried the ones I could find, some seem to work a
> little, while others do not work at all. Also there are issues with I/O
> APIC using kernels, where one might need the ACPI driver to locate the
> corresponding GSI's that replace the legacy IRQ numbers as well as find
> out polarity and trigger modes (especially for Fiasco/Fiasco.OC). We
> have regarded legacy IDE support as obsolete for a while. I can try, to
> at least, build a working run script for some kernel working in Qemu for
> a start, but I can't promise, since my time is limited. It seems like
> Nova is a good candidate for the time being. So my suggestion would be,
> build a run script and find out why the driver does not get an interrupt
> (which usually is the cause of all the trouble). The corresponding
> driver output should be:
> Enabling interrupts:
> [init -> atapi_dev Device initialized! Enabling interrupts ...
> When receiving the first interrupt:
> [init -> atapi_drv] First block: 0 last block <last block>, block size 512
> It might be the wrong IRQ number (double check with Linux) or the wrong
> trigger/polarity information. If you don't even get to the first output
> above, something is really messed up. In that case I would advice you
> that you send us the complete output of the test run, your exacts
> hardware specifications, and if possible a working run script.
> Regards,
> Sebastian
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