Creating your first Genode application - Build succesful, but execution fails

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Sun Mar 30 16:06:22 CEST 2014


I tried to run the genode tutorial.

I first installed it on an AMD Athlon x64 with nForce4- Mainboard.
run/demo stopped there after init -> nitpicker] create session with args: label="launchpad", ram_quota=12288

I made a second try on 
a) a virtualBox machine with brand new installation of Unbuntu 12.04 x64 (git)
b) an old Evo N610c Pentium 4 with Ubuntu 12.04 x86 (14.02 from tar.gz of latest releases)

I think a few Steps are missing within the Step-By-Step tutorial

As a prestep for “Setting up the build environment” i created a new build directory with './tool/create_builddir linux_x86 BUILD_DIR=build.hello'.
As i did not have a lot of files in it, I tried a first ‘make’. 
In build/etc/build.conf I added 
REPOSITORIES += $(GENODE_DIR)/hello_testIn the bin directory i created a new config directory with config file.

The server section seems to have only one .h file, I put the three listings in one file (as later in the document it is mentioned that in SCR_CC = an obviously no includes to the other files are given).

Afterwards i tried ‘make hello’ which returned no error.

With ‘cd run’, ‘./core’ only the following output appered:

|int main(): --- create local services ---
|int main(): --- start init ---
|int main(): transferred 17592186044415 MB to init
|int main(): --- init created, waiting for exit condition ---
|[init] _map_local: lx_mmap failed (addr_in=0,addr_out=ffffffffffffffed/-19) 
|[init] C++ runtime: Genode::Rm_session::Region_conflict
|[init] void* abort(): abort called

If i try to run it again with dmesg the follwoing output appears:
[ 4774.659901] core[12189]: segfault at 7f2ed162e068 ip 00000000010310c9 sp 00000000400ffce0 error 4 in core[1000000+5b000]
(equal if i try git verison or archive version)

I also tried to point the repository to the already existing hello_tutorial, but get the same result.

What am I doing wrong?

Best regards
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