virtualbox compilation errors

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Wed Mar 5 17:37:39 CET 2014

Hi Lonnie,

> Can you please also tell me what packages virtualbox needs in the libports?
> Here is what I have so far, but am trying to keep the whole build to
> minimal sizes.
> cd ../libports
>  make prepare PKG="x86emu libc zlib sdl libpng stdcxxcd lwip"

the minimal preparations are:

  cd genode

  make -C ports     prepare PKG=virtualbox
  make -C libports  prepare PKG="libc x86emu"
  make -C base-nova prepare

The x86emu package is solely needed for the VESA graphics driver.

You will also need to copy an ISO image named "test.iso" into your build
directory's 'bin/' before executing 'make run/virtualbox'. Please take a
look at 'ports/run/' to look behind the scenes.


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