Announcement: Genode OS Framework version 14.02 released

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Tue Mar 4 09:36:30 CET 2014

Hello Lonnie,

to answer your embedded question ;-)

On Mon, Mar 03, 2014 at 03:57:04PM -0500, Lonnie Cumberland wrote:
> One question on this. When I am in my build directory and have done the make
> prepare for VB. What is the "make" command to just make
> Genode+NOVA+VirtualBox as it seems that when I issue "make" the system wants
> to build everything which is what I do not need?

To build the virtualbox binary you need to add the 'ports' repository
to <build dir>/etc/build.conf and issue 'make virtualbox'. We also
provide a run script usable via 'make run/virtualbox'. More
information about the run script can be found in the release

Happy hacking
Christian Helmuth
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