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Fri Jun 20 12:43:56 CEST 2014

Hello again,

> It's interesting also to report that I configured the virtual machine as
> type=other and version=L4. The version=L4 is not a must but it's
> remarkable to see that they are aware that the future is not Windows and
> Linux.

this option is actually not a statement of embracing L4 but more a kind
of legacy. Many years ago, before VirtualBox was an open-source project,
it was ported to the original version of L4/Fiasco as a research
experiment. Back then, the project was called "L4VM". You can still find
traces of it in the VirtualBox source tree. This work was primarily
being done by Frank Mehnert who is one of the maintainers of VirtualBox
nowadays. So I guess, some VirtualBox developers like Frank have a sweet
spot for L4, still. ;-)

Btw, speaking of VirtualBox, just some months ago, this virtual machine
monitor was ported to Genode/NOVA. So it is possible to use it on top of
a Genode system. See the release notes of Genode version 14.02 for more


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